The Print Professionals

We pride ourselves as the print professional, this is conferred on us by our satisfied clients.

No matter your desire, we can bring it to life

You can outsource your offset lithographic plate making to our press for quality and timely delivery. Don’t waste time at the other service bureaus, we deliver at the right time. We are able to reduce your waiting time and help you deliver to your customers right on time. Try our CTP machines.

Free Editing Service

The final step before publishing or printing any content is editing and proof-reading. Without these two, your work will look unpolished. At PPL we take quality editing to a fine level. And it is free. Make a date with us.

Free Editing Service

PPL has a crack team of highly skilled, creative designers that can undertake any assignment in the industry with little or no supervision. Besides their professional contribution to the enhancement of the work of the Pentecost Press, they are also available should clients need their services for negotiated off-premise assignments.