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We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and ensure that all jobs are completed on time, so that we achieve our “on time, every time” guarantee!

For everything printing, call +233 50 8822209. We would love to help you with your design, editing, printing and, ultimately, marketing collateral. Get in touch for a discussion on your printing requirements and a top-up free quotation.


Our mission is to create a SATISFIED CLIENT whose dependence on us is total and infectious. This is achieved by offering high quality printing and packaging services which are among the best in the industry, and, from efficiency on our part, gives our client significant savings; something our competitors cannot match.


Our vision is to be the nation’s most customer-centric company where customers can come and discover prints that are of high quality, reasonably-priced and with satisfactory delivery timelines comparable to what pertains globally.

Why choose Pentecost Press LimitedYou don’t just choose any Publishing or Printing house, these are the reasons why you should work with us.

For over three decades, we have been committed to the publication of Christian literature of the highest quality and this still remains our prime focus today.

We offer thoughtful feedback on your work throughout the process and ensure your book finds a home in the right subject list/series. Our editorial assistants are on hand to help with queries and author-care continues post-editorial to production.

Print quality has a huge impact on your brand. To check the quality of our work you could request samples. You can view product samples on their website, but an even better option is to go in and physically observe samples. This way you can check paper stock, colour consistency, and print quality. You will want to make sure that these samples are of the quality you are looking for.

You want to make sure that the print company you choose has the capabilities to print the products that you require. PPL delivers what you need, in a timeframe that works for you and within your budget.

It’s an in-house policy to take responsibility for the language used in any publication. We, therefore, go the extra mile to ensure that our team of editors go through all manuscripts thoroughly before print production to assure the Press and the author of quality.

Look for a print company that has been in business for a significant period of time. We are familiar with the industry and have more experience and expertise. PPL does a final check over of your work before it goes to print.

It is important to ensure that your printing products will be delivered in a timely manner. This means you will need to work with a company that is reliable and efficient. Be mindful if you have any strict deadlines and work with a company that can accommodate your needs. You could also see if the company has any guarantees or promises to reinforce their reliability. That is why you should choose PPL.

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